The LRHS Booster Club offers scholarships to qualified Long Reach Seniors as a reward for their participation and accomplishments in Academics, Athletics, the Arts, STEM, School Spirit, Leadership, and/or Service to the community. Boosters will award at least three scholarships of up to $500.00 each. The number of scholarships awarded and the amount of each scholarship is decided by the LRHS Boosters Board and is based on the availability of funds. 


  • Must be a current LRHS student graduating in 2021
  • A member of the family must be a current LRHS Boosters member
  • Scan your completed application and essay, or save as a PDF and email to the LRHS Boosters President, Jenn Richardson at

Submit your completed application and essay in an envelope addressed to the LRHS Boosters Club Scholarship Committee. Place the envelope in the Boosters Club mailbox in the Long Reach front

The application deadline for 2021 will be announced soon. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 


  1. Complete the entire application.
  2. Write a 500 word or less, double-spaced essay based on the question provided in the application.
  3. List all extracurricular activities in which you have participated while attending LRHS.

You may include community/church activities, as well as those affiliated with LRHS.  You MUST indicate your level of participation, as well as any leadership positions held.  You MAY NOT include any program for which you have or will have earned high school credit. 


  • Completed scholarship applications will be given to the Boosters Scholarship Committee for review and scoring
  • Applicants will be notified on May 2020 at the Senior Awards presentation


Jada Sanders
Delaney Marvel-Burns
Hannah Hale
Eli Kuperman
Benjamin Strigle
Zach Moore
Sean O’Rourke
Ciera Hudson

Kamryn Walker

Julia Gates
David Schlichtig
Lily Nolan
Caleb Park

Jillian Watt

Justin Hotchkiss
Tyler Moore
Megha Sharma
Spencer Willis

Allison Lerman

Stephanie Moy
Aaron Park
Asha Rogers
Michael Stokes

Isa Carunungan

Rose O’Neil
Hanna Morris
Daniella Perez-Roldan
Mya Bevels

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